How many times has it happened to you that you step into a house and stand mesmerised by its décor? Not often, surely! Why do we love such houses so much? Why do we vie for décor that are shown in televisions or magazines? It’s quite obvious, because they are beautiful.

decor1However, when it comes to our own houses, we restrain ourselves to an average looking décor. Well, if your reason for restraining yourself is that you think good décor comes with a huge price tag, think again. With a little imagination, creativity and by being a little resourceful, you can set up a home that is fit to be in a magazine. Here are a few themes that can make your home look as stunning as the ones that you see in magazines or movies. Let’s take a look:

• Renew and Restore

If you are not in the mood to buy new stuff, dig out all the articles that you think can be restored. Old wood, metal or leather that can be refurbished can add a lot of character to your home. This will not only help you save on a lot of money, but also give a fresh lease of life to your home decoration.

• Beach Beauty

Well, visiting the beach isn’t really possible every day. But why not get the beach to your home instead? Confused? Don’t be. Give your home a nice beach shack look with some pale and white timbers, stripes, cane furniture etc. This look is ultra chic, easy on the eyes and will give a much laid back feel to your visitors.

• Rustic Glamour

Mix and match rustic beauty with modernity and create an exclusive look for your home. You can use aged wood with glass or aged leather with metal to create this look. This look is sure to impress your guests and add more character to your home décor.

• Geometrical beauty

Add geometrical shapes to your home décor to create a very contemporary look. For creating this look, you need not make any changes to your house. All you need to do is add a few curtains, posters or paintings of geometric designs, carpets that have geometric designs printed on them to create harmony in your home décor.

• Infusing Japanese


The Japanese theme is quite popular among people who love to keep their home décor simple yet elegant. The Japanese theme is all about clean lines and minimalism. While the aesthetic value of this theme is reflected in the clean and spacious look that it gives to your home, the functional value is also quite high. Look for light timber based furniture and avoid unnecessary additions, if you are planning to do a Japanese home decoration for your home.

With a little creativity, you can easily create a new look for your home without having to spend much. With just a little patience, you can create a home decoration that reflects your personality and let your home speak for you. So what are you waiting for? Try one of these themes today!

The urge to garden during premature spring is primal. It is really renewing, affirming and promising to re-connect with earth. Taking your garden to a brand new growing season is just about more than seedling and soil. This formal procedure of spring is believed to a tonic to the gardeners. Debris and leaves accumulate in drainage areas at the time of winter. Now, it is the right time to assure that the rains of spring will have enough runoff. Spring seedling can perform best in soil that drains well. Due to limited vegetative growth in the early spring, this seems to be the easiest occasion of time to clear drainage ditches. Be sure to locate the cleared material typically small branches and dead leaves into the compost.

gardeningAlmost everyone would like to have a look at a beautiful and colorful garden yet well-developed gardens need years to mature. A few householders own a backyard with a postage stamp size, whilst others have a wide area of lawn, which is sized generously a vegetable plot. It will take a lot of time and work to design an attractive garden even though gardening is one of the rewarding pastimes. The gardening society gets pleasure from reading the most recent gardening tips that can be established online or in any of the several gardening books. But, plenty of people can able to manage to trim the hedge, cut the grass, plant colorful containers and weed the borders.

An amateur gardener ideally needs the tools of trade. Most of the garden sheds include spades, garden forks, rakes, a lawn mower, hoes and a selection of trouble-free gardening tools. Property owners who have a hedge would have to maintain their hedges trimmed. Nowadays, it is really easy to use the modern hedge trimmers. Incise the bulk of hedge by utilizing a trimmer and then, utilize a pruning saw as well as a pair of secateurs in order to trim off the smaller branches. One would also find out the best hedge trimmers which are cordless and even make the job easier. By nature, hedges must not be cut previous to the completion of nesting season; nevertheless a neatly cut would definitely improve the overall appearance of your garden.

garden365People those who boast a huge grassed area to mow must invest their money in the petrol based mower. But the light weight and compact electric grass cutters are measured to be perfect for slicing small lawns. Although it is far simpler to cut the edges of grass by using garden string trimmers, trim the edges of your lawn by way of a pair of shears with long handles. The local hardware shops are loaded with reasonable string trimmers and affordable hedge cutters that are very simple and easy to operate. Since, the garden is a place where people sit to unwind and relax in the sun. Therefore, it is the duty of every home owner to create an attractive and colorful walled garden through which your entire family can get pleasure from it.

Carpets, no doubt, increase the beauty of your home by making them look cosy, warm and beautiful. However, to keep them looking beautiful and clean is a tough task, especially so if your home is situated in a high traffic area or you have kids or pets or both! Carpets have the tendency to collect dirt and stains and cleaning them can be an arduous task. If aren’t really sure of how to clean your carpet so that it looks as good as new, here are a few tips that could help you.
carpetDepending on factors such as location of your house, children and pets etc, you can decide on the time for ideal carpet cleaning. In homes where carpets tend to get dirtier due to the above mentioned factors, you can look at a period of six months to get your carpets cleaned. In case your carpets do not get so dirty, you can get them cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Now, let’s take a look at the methods that you could choose to keep your carpets sparkly clean:

Use a Carpet Cleaning System

Most people hire professional carpet cleaners, but getting a carpet cleaning system would help you if you own light coloured carpets or if you have kids or pets. You can use this system with much ease and make sure that your carpets stay clean at all times.

Water Extraction Cleaning Method

Most carpet cleaning systems use the water extraction cleaning method. Basically, these systems inject a cleaning solution into the carpet and then pull out the dirty solution using suction. The best option among such systems would be with an in-built water container as it will save you from dragging a hose around the house. Also, remember to pick up a device with high suction power so that it can effectively suck out all the dirty water. Then you can steam the carpet to dry it. However, remember that if you are going to use steam on the carpet, make sure that you do not get it overly wet as this can lead to shrinking and discolouration of your carpet.

Dry Extraction Method

In other systems, an absorbent compound is spread over the surface of the carpet and then it is cleaned using suction power. This technique works better than the wet extraction cleaning method but is more expensive.

Hire a carpet cleaner

If you think that the carpet is too dirty to invest your efforts in, ask a professional carpet cleaner to help. Professionals have stronger machines and their experience can help you in getting rid of the toughest stains in just minutes.

However, before trying out these methods of carpet cleaning, remember to take a colourfast test to check if your carpet bleeds or not. Depending on the nature of your carpet, you might want to select your cleaning solutions so as to prevent damage due to bleeding in your carpet. Also, while cleaning you carpet, move out all your furniture to ensure maximum cleaning.